Olle Calles rapporterar från Fiskmarknaden i  Nederländerna:

Last week Vismarkt 2013 was organized December 11-12 in Tiel, the Netherlands. This is the third conference on this format, after the Vismarkt 2012 in Netherlands and Fiskmarknad 2013 in Karlstad, Sweden. The theme was again fish migration, rehabilitation and techniques to trap, tag and track fish. The two-day event included one day of field-trip and one day of presentations and exhibition. Participants presented a large number of ongoing activities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The exhibiting companies presented their products during 3 min pitch presentations. I presented the Swedish perspective and our experience in a key-note presentation. I also took the opportunity to advertise our Master course in Stream ecology, which resulted in several interested students from Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.”