The NRRV (English: River Ecology and Management, RivEM) research group conducts basic and applied research on aquatic ecosystems. We focus on fluvial systems, from small streams to large rivers, with a particular emphasis on solving real-world conservation problems. Recent large projects have focused on fish migration and fish passage, life-history research on migratory species, ecological connectivity and modelling, winter ecology and global climate change, forest-stream interactions and fish-mussel host-parasite systems. Our stream aquarium facility allows us to conduct basic research year-round, to link ecological theory to our applied research.

We are a core group of ten senior researchers, with a number of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. We maintain an extensive international network, with collaborators throughout Europe, North America, and beyond. We also offer a Master of Science program with emphasis on ecology and conservation biology, accepting students each fall.



  • Björn Arvidsson, Associate Professor, behavioral ecology and mussel ecology
  • Eva Bergman, Professor, limnology and fish ecology
  • Olle Calles, Associate Professor, applied fish ecology in regulated rivers
  • Richard Durtsche, Guest professor, ecological physiology
  • Lutz Eckstein, Professor, plant ecology
  • Ann Erlandsson, Assistant Professor, Biomedicine
  • Larry Greenberg, Professor, fish ecology
  • Anders Nilsson, Professor, freshwater ecology
  • John Piccolo, Associate Professor, fish ecology and behavioral ecology
  • Jostein Skurdal, Adj. Professor, applied freshwater biology
  • Martin Österling, Associate Professor, endangered species and mussel ecology


PhD-students and postdocs:

  • Kristine Lund Björnås, PhD-student, fish ecology
  • Rachel Bowes, Postdoc, ecology
  • Karl Filipsson, PhD-student, fish ecology
  • Anna Hagelin, PhD-student, fish ecology
  • Andrew Harbicht, Postdoc, fish ecology
  • Denis Lafage, Postdoc, ecology
  • Johan Watz, Postdoc, fish ecology


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