Tomorrow, 26 September, Rachel Bowes, postdoctoral researcher at Karlstad University, will give a seminar on ”Temporally analyzing river food webs”. The seminar will be given at 13:30 in room 5F416 at Karlstad University. Everyone is welcome to attend the seminar.

On 28-29 August, 2017, a workshop on ”Research and Teaching for Sustainability and Stewardship will be organized at Karlstad University. The workshop’s goals are to ”introduce sustainability and stewardship topics to faculty and students at Kau and to develop research and teaching collaborations for future projects.”  The first day will be spent on presentations about international perspectives of sustainability and stewardship. On the second day Karlstad University’s Education for Sustainable Development and Service Research Center research groups will present some of their related research. See detailed schedule below:

Monday 28 August

13.15: Ricardo Rozzi, University of North Texas, USA & Universidad de Magallanes, Chile: Earth Stewardship and biocultural ethics”

13.45: Shan Gao, Soochow University, China: ”Environmental Ethics: A perspective from China”

14.15: Maria Teresa LaValle, UNTREF/SADAF, Argentina: ”A perspective from Argentina”

14.45: John Piccolo, KAU: ”A moral compass for planetary boundaries”

15.15: Coffee break

15.45 – 17.00 Discussions 

Tuesday 29 August

10.00: Niklas Gericke, KAU: ”The effect of education for sustainable development in the Swedish school system”

10.30: Teresa Berglund/Daniel Olsson, KAU: ”Case studies in Education for Sustainable Development”

11:00: Bo Enquist & Samuel Petros Sebhatu, KAU: “Stewardship and Hyper norms for Systemic Governance in Global Society”

11.30: Discussions

12.00: Lunch

13.15-15.00: Discussions

All talks will be given in Room 5F322, at Karlstad University. Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop. Register to if you wish to attend.

On Tuesday, 18 April, Victoria Pritchard from the University of Turku, will give a seminar on ”Conservation Genomics of Atlantic Salmon”. The seminar will be given at 13:30 in room 5F416 at Karlstad University.

Victoria has worked in the UK, USA, and Finland, and has published over 20 articles in leading conservation, evolutionary and fisheries journals. Everyone is welcome to attend the seminar.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), February 28, David Aldvén from the University of Gothenburg and Vattenfall AB, will give a seminar titled ”Downstream migration of anadromous brown trout”. David Aldvén finished his PhD with a thesis titled ”Migration in anadromous brown trout”. The frame of his thesis is available online here.

The seminar will be given at 13:30 in room 5F416 on Karlstad University. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Fish Passage 2017 – International Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage will be held in Corvallis, Oregon, USA on June 19-21 2017. The confererence ”…promises to be an important international forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange findings and experiences on fish passage issues.

Fish Passage 2017 will be of interest to researchers, educators, practitioners, funders, and regulators who have an interest in advancements in technical fishways, nature-like fishways, stream restoration and stabilization, dam removal, and the myriad of funding, safety, climate change, and other socio-economic related issues surrounding connectivity projects.

This is a three-day conference with concurrent sessions in engineering, biology, management and monitoring techniques. The conference will also feature plenary talks, professional networking opportunities, and a poster session. Independently offered short courses, workshops and tours will be available immediately before and/or after the conference.”

Plenary speakers will be say’ay’ – John Eli Sirois, Futoshi Nakamura, Tony Farrell, Paul T. Jacobson, and Kurt D. Fausch. Read more about the plenary speakers here. Also, pre-conference short courses and post-conference tours are available. Read more about the conference at




Last Tuesday, Ewa Orlikowska, PhD-student at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, gave a seminar titled ”Gaps in ecological research on the world’s largest internationally coordinated network of protected areas: A review of Natura 2000” at Karlstad University. The seminar is available online upon request. Send an e-mail to to get access to the seminar.

The papers Gaps in ecological research on the world’s largest internationally coordinated network of protected areas: A review of Natura 2000 and Contribution of social science to large scale biodiversity conservation: A review of research about the Natura 2000 network, both by Orlikowska et al. relate to the seminar content.


Natura 2000 sites. Map from European Environment Agency.

Imorgon, onsdagen den 7:e december, kommer Johan Watz, forskare vid Karlstads Universitet, att berätta om öringens vinterbeteende i rinnande vatten. Evenemanget är en del av universitetets ”Möt en forskare”-serie och ges kl. 12:00 – 12:45 i Studieverkstaden på plan 3 i universitetets bibliotek. Alla är välkomna!



Radiotagged migrating brown trout.

Next week, Daniel Nyqvist, PhD-student at Karlstad University, will defend his (my…) thesis ”Atlantic salmon in regulated rivers: migration, dam passage, and fish behavior”. The defense will take place on Friday, December 9th, at 10:15 in room 9C 203 on Karlstad University. The abstract and the frame of the thesis are available online here.

Scott Hinch (University of British Columbia, Canada) is the opponent and Eva Thorstad (NINA, Norway), Kim Aarestrup (DTU AQUA, Denmark) and Hans Lundqvist (Swedish University of Agriculture) constitute the grading committee (betygskommitté). The visiting researchers will give seminars at Karlstad University on Thursday, December 8th. The seminars start at 14:15 in room 5F322:

Scott Hinch: Using telemetry in adaptive management experiments at fish passage facilities

Eva Thorstad: New results on downstream migration of eel and salmon past power stations in Germany

Hans Lundqvist: Wild Baltic stocks of Atlantic salmon in northern Sweden: Where are we and where are we going in Umeälven?

Kim Aarestrup has yet to disclose the title of his seminar.

Everyone is welcome to attend both the PhD-defense and the seminars.

Sportfiskarna arrangerar nästa vecka två infokvällar om Vänern och Klarälven. Tisdagen den 8:e november hålls ett möte i Mariestads Folkets Park och den 9:e Novemeber på Stadshotellet i Karlstad.

Sportfiskarna skriver:

Sportfiskarna arrangerar träff för medlemmar, klubbar och andra sportfiskeintresserade kring Vänern och Klarälven. Välkomna till infokväll med Sportfiskarna och referensgruppen för Sportfiskarnas fångstdataprojekt i Vänern! Det blir föredrag från olika aktörer inom sportfiske och fiske i Vänern.”

Plats: Mariestads Folkets Park  (8 november) och Karlstads Stadshotell (9 november).
Tid: 18-21.30

• Sportfiskarna och vår verksamhet 2016
• Sportfiskarnas projektverksamhet i Vänern och Klarälven.
• Avelsfiske, odling och utsättningsverksamhet i Vänern och Klarälven.
• Verksamhet, projekt och arbetet med Vänerns fisk, fiske och vattenmiljö.
• Frågor och diskussion
• Mingel och möjlighet att ta en öl efteråt (OBS endast Karlstad)

Sportfiskarna representeras av generalsekreteraren Anders Karlsson och styrelseledamot Mikael Tuneld. Från Sportfiskarna region Värmland kommer Peter Belin och Simon Jonsson.

Övriga föredragshållare:
Jonas Andersson, Länsstyrelsen Värmland
Eva Bergman, Karlstads universitet
Marco Blixt, Fortum
Thomas Johansson, Laxfond Vänern
Jens Karlsson, Fiskeområde Vänern
Johnny Norrgård, Gammelkroppa lax AB
Jens Persson, Havs- och Vattenmyndigheten
Alfred Sandström, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Anmälan och frågor: , 070-6894820

Sportfiskarna bjuder på fika. Det finns ett begränsat antal platser och föranmälan krävs. Det går att anmäla sig veckan ut.

Från Karlstads Universitet återfinns Eva Bergman bland föredragshållarna.