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UCforLife is a LIFE-project for river restoration and research related to the thick shellled river mussel (Unio crassus). Martin Österling, Lea Schneider, and Anders Nilsson at Karlstad University are involved in the project. The project is now announcing an upcoming international river restoration conference in Lund, Sweden, on 28–30 September. In the announcement they write:

“Conference objectives are to highlight experiences and results gained from a wide range of river restoration projects focusing on rehabilitation of species of freshwater mussels and fish. Mussels and fish are often used as indicators and flagship species while restoring rivers. But are they any good? If so – why? 

The first two days will focus on presentations by invited experts and conference participants who want to present their work. The third day includes field visits to Fyleån Creek, Klingavälsån River, both sites re-meandered,and the Hemmestorp Mölla rearing facility. 

Call for abstracts, oral or poster presentations, information about registration, fees etc will be available in July. We look forward to seeing you in Lund”


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