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Joint Committee on Fisheries Engineering and Science (American Society of Civil Engineers Environmental Water and Resources Institute & the American Fisheries Society Bioengineering Section) organiserar ett Webinar om utrivningar av mindre dammar. Webinaret ges av Michael Chelminski från Stantec Consulting Services Inc. och har titeln “Why Did the Dam Cross the River? Getting to the Other Side of Small Dam Removal.”

Så här introducerar organisatörerna föredraget:”This 60-minute presentation addresses opportunities, constraints, and approaches to small dam removal, including the scope and scale of studies for dam removal design and permitting and differences between large and small dam removals. This topic is important because of the number of small dams, the cumulative impact of these dams on natural resources, and the potential to build on the success of larger dam removal projects by removing small dams in the large-project watershed. In recognition of limited funding for dam removal projects, this presentation also identifies and addresses the need to scope design and permitting studies for small dam removal projects based on the potential impacts — or lack therefore — of dam failure.”

Webinaret ges den 22 Juli, klockan 17:00 svensk tid. Anmäl er genom att maila Abigail Archer på och se mer information här.

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