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Moor frog (Rana arvalis), photo by Mumes World.

On Tuesday, May 3, Anssi Laurila, from Uppsala University, will give a seminar titled “How to cope with environmental variation: a frog’s eye view on adaptive solutions”.  

Here, Anssi Laurila describes his own research: “I work at the interface between ecology and evolutionary biology on factors allowing and maintaining phenotypic and genetic variation. Much of my research focuses on the roles of phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation in explaining phenotypic and genetic variation along environmental gradients. Within this theme, I am focusing on both large-scale (latitudinal) and small-scale climatic variation as well as other forms of environmental stress (acidification, disease) in explaining these patterns using amphibians and snails as models.”

The seminar will be given at 13:30 in room 5F416 on Karlstad University. Everyone is welcome to attend!

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