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World Fish Migration Platform arrangerar ett online-föredrag om Dam removal. De skriver: “We are very happy to announce that the World Fish Passage Platform is preparing a series of webinars for 2015. The first webinar will be an introduction about Dam Removal, its key issues and lessons learned. The webinar will be presented by one of the mayor experts in this field, Ms. Laura Wildman of Princeton Hydro, LLC. (Connecticut, USA). 

Dams are removed for a wide variety of reasons including issues relating to economics, dam safety, liability, and environmental concerns. However, even when a dam has outlived its initially intended use and dam removal is proposed there still may be numerous challenges that need to be addressed prior to removing the dam.

This webinar will review the key deciding factors that need to be analyzed when making a decision to remove a dam including the environmental benefits and impacts; channel stability and sedimentation concerns; community apprehensions regarding aesthetic, historic and recreational values; and issues relating to the scale of the project, its current uses, project constructability, funding, impacts to infrastructure, ownership, sensitive species and regulated resources. The lessons learned from over 40 dam removal projects in the U.S., both proposed and completed, will be discussed to highlight these key issues and deciding factors.

This webinar will be on the 25th of March of 2015 (16:00 European Central Time; 10:00 USA Eastern Time). It will be one hour long and FREE of cost. There will only be 100 spots, so make sure you register as soon as possible to get in!

To subscribe for the webinar follow this link: “

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