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After several heavy rains during the last two days 19 eels entered the trap in Skärhultaån during the night. Nine days ago we tagged 13 eels with two different colour marks and released them at two different localtions upstream of the trap. The first group was released 0,5 km upstream, the second about 7 km. Surprisingly, we recaptured 3 eels last night but just one was from the nearby location. For a better understanding and deeper insights of the migration activity, we will tag and release more eels from today’s catches.

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3 thoughts on “first tagged eels recaptured!

  1. Olle says:

    Wow great, so now you can relax a bit! Weird that the ones you released close to the trap didn’t come immediately?

  2. Flo says:

    Actually we tagged a third group and released it 50 m upstream the trap.

    these are the recapture results until today:

    7 km distance: 7 out of 7
    0,5 km: 2 out of 6
    50 m : 6 out of 6

    catchability seems to be quite good!

  3. Flo says:

    During the last week, we recaptured 2 more eels. So, just 2 out of 19 are still missing.

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