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What have we found!?
-75 fish total of which 35 were eels ( 3 not analysed for weight/length).
-Currently 8 other species including mört, braxen, abborre, benlöja, gös, lake, suttare och björkna.  
-Biggest eel 1.64kg / 987mm on 22 May.
Total eel numbers with different trap treatment:
Ytan bara: –>2 stk ( +3stk non analysed)
Botten bara: –>11 stk
Ytan+botten:  Ytan –> 3stk
                     Botten –> 16stk
So for the month of May, we have a total of 27 eels in bottom trap and 5 in Ytan. The most likely scenario to catch eels when both top and bottom are open, and then the bottom trap is most productive.
However this statistic could easily change within a matter of days since the difference is so minimal!

I have also taken a couple of other pictures of the nature at Alsterälven. The first picture is of a newly emerged dragonfly, clinging onto some vegetation in preparation to dry its wings in the sun to enter adulthood.

Just above is a another sun basker – a snok which has settled just above my upstream migration trap!


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