Sebastian Rock electrofishing

Sebastian Rock, a LIFEConnects funded Ph.D. candidate at RivEM, will be giving a seminar on the impacts of parasitic Unionid mussels on their host fishes! These incredibly endangered freshwater bivalves are considered keystone species in their native ecosystems and are heavily protected, but will the returning salmon be able to survive in an ecosystem full of parasites? Will local anglers be upset with the habitat restoration efforts because their favorite fish are now less healthy than they were before? To find out the answers to all these questions and more! Join the seminar live on zoom at 1315 CET on 22nd February 2022.

On Tuesday 28 September 2021, Herman Wanningen, a Ductch aquatic ecologist, entrepreneur specializing in fish migration and water management and founder of the World Fish Migration Foundation and initiator of Dam Removal Europe and Global Swimways, will give a seminar on dam removal as an ecological restoration measure of rivers which have been negatively impacted by the construction and operation of dams. The presentation will highlight how European river managers, inspired by a growing movement, are getting ready to restore rivers by removing dams.

The seminar starts at 13.15 and will be streamed live over Zoom. Contact Olle Calles ( to receive the zoom link to this seminar.

Professor Larry Greenberg, NRRV, and William Ardren, US Fish & Wildlife Service, have co-edited a special issue on nonanadromous Atlantic Salmon in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. The issue is entitled “Conservation, Ecology, and Evolution of Nonanadromous Atlantic Salmon” and has contributions from experts from North America and Europe, consisting of 13 papers. The papers cover four themes, namely (1) ecology, evolution, and behavior, (2) conservation and management (3) improving hatchery programs and (4) re-introduction efforts. Three of the papers come from NRRV researchers;




Larry Greenberg and William Ardren have written a general overview of the 13 papers in a paper entitled ‘Introduction to “Conservation, Ecology, and Evolution of Nonanadromous Atlantic Salmon”. This can be found at: