Arctic charr habitat in northern Iceland.

On Tuesday 5 November, Stefán Óli Steingrímsson, Professor at Hólar University College, Iceland, will visit Karlstad University and give a seminar titled “Salmonid behaviour in space & time: Some lessons from Iceland”. The seminar starts at 13:15 in room 5F416 at Karlstad University. Everyone who wants to are welcome to attend the seminar.

Hjaltadalur valley on northern Iceland, seen from Hólar.

Fish Migration in Tromsö

Posted by Daniel Nyqvist | Events

A few weeks ago Stina Gustavsson and I (both PhD-students at KaU) attended a course in “Fish migration: Theory and technology” at the Tromsö University (UiT). The course was given by Eva Thorstad (NINA and UiT) and Audun Rikardsen (UiT). Topics included ecology and evolution of fish migration, methods in fish telemetry (tags and tagging) and plenty of case studies on migrating fish. Focus was on anadromous salmonids in northern Europe – Atlantic salmon, brown trout and arctic charr – and European eel, but (for example) fish migration studies in the Zambezi River and on Atlantic halibut were also discussed. Elina Halttunen, IMR also visited the course and gave a lecture on the importance of Atlantic salmon post-spawners and their downstream migration. Other attendees included Master- and PhD-students from Tromsö University (Norway), Oslo University (Norway) and DTU Aqua (Denmark). It was an interesting course with good lectures and a lot of stimulating discussions.


“Arctic charr in midnight sun”
Photo: Audun Richardsen –