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Kalle Filipsson, RivEm Ph.D. student, nailed his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Early life stages of brown trout: Anti-predator responses under warming winters” today (25th February 2022), both at the main entrance and the biology department at Karlstad University.

On Tuesday 1 March Kalle will give a pre-dissertation talk, where he will present a preliminary version of his Ph.D. presentation. The seminar starts at 13:15 and will be held both on the second floor at the biology department and on Zoom (

Kalle’s Ph.D. defense will be held on Friday 18 March. The defense will take place at 10:00 in room 1B309 (Sjöströmsalen) at Karlstad University. The defense is public and anyone is welcome to attend.

Neil Metcalfe (University of Glasgow, Scotland) will be the opponent and will participate on Zoom. Gunilla Rosenqvist (Uppsala University, Sweden), Per Larsson (Linnaeus University, Sweden) and Anders Finstad (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) are the grading committee.

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