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On Tuesday 9 March, Einar Kärgenberg, a senior researcher in Wildlife Estonia, will give an overview of their recently published studies. These describe the movement patterns of lithophilous migratory fish in Estonian free-flowing and fragmented rivers using acoustic telemetry. Behavioural patterns of little-studied cyprinids (asp (Leuciscus aspius) and vimba bream (Vimba vimba)) were identified. In addition, the effectiveness of potential and implemented mitigation measures (removal of dams, building fishways, the effectiveness of bar-racks) was assessed. Additional methods (incl. fyke-nets, diving) were used to directly estimate the mortality of Atlantic salmon smolts (Salmo salar) caused by Kaplan-type turbines.

The seminar starts at 13.15 and will be streamed live over Zoom. Contact Olle Calles ( to receive the zoom link to this seminar.

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