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John Piccolo, researcher at NRRV and Karlstad University, has recently published a letter in Ecology of Freshwater Fish titled: “The Land Ethic and conservation of native salmonids”. In the letter he uses salmon conservation as a case study and goes on to write about an ongoing discussion about why we should conserve species, ecosystems and nature in general. The letter concludes:

“Time is running out. The next generation of conservation biologists will likely preside over a time when the future of much of the  remaining diversity of life on Earth will be decided. I believe that conservation biologists must seek for themselves the answer to he question ‘Why do we conserve nature?’ Those that find themselves convinced, as others have done, that nature is good in and of itself ought to waste no time in expressing for others our duty to do what is right. Conservation biologists should lead the way in eaching that we ought to conserve nature not only because it is good for us, but simply because it is good.”

Read the letter here.

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