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Lea Schneider, doktorand vid Karlstads Universitet, har nyligen färdigställt sin introduktionsuppsats om den tjockskaliga målarmusslan och dess ekologi – “The ecology of the threatened thick-shelled river mussel Unio crassus (Philipsson 1788) with focus on mussel-host interactions”. Hon presenterar själv uppsatsen på “Unio Crassus for LIFE”-hemsidan: “The paper reviews freshwater mussel ecology in general and focuses on Unio crassus’ sexual strategy, larval development and the mussel-host fish relationship. Furthermore, information about the status and threats to freshwater bivalves is given as well as implications for conservation. In a later chapter of the paper I discuss the research questions of my doctoral studies. Worth mentioning herein are host fish mapping studies to identify fish hosts used by U. crassus. Also, the development of suitable mussel conservation strategies, such as mussel propagation and re-introduction represents a large part of my PhD.”

Läs uppsatsen här eller klicka på bilden nedan.

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