Book: Biology and Ecology of Pike

Posted by Karl Filipsson | Book

The book Biology and Ecology of Pike, edited by Christian Skov (Technical University of Denmark) and Anders Nilsson (Karlstad and Lund Universities) was recently published by CRC Press. The two editors have also authored several chapters in the book. The book is described to “emphasize the progress of pike research during the past two decades, highlight human dimension aspects in recreational fisheries, and to address environmental circumstances on pike populations including the pike individuals.” Read more about the book here.


On Tuesday, May 17, Anders Andersson, PhD-student at Karlstad University will give a seminar titled “Catch and effort from a recreational trolling fishery in a large lake”. In the seminar, Anders Andersson will present results on catch and effort from Lake Vänern’s salmon- and trout recreational trolling fishery.

The seminar will be given at 13:30 in room 5F416 on Karlstad University. Everyone is welcome to attend!


For those unable to attend the seminar, Anders Andersson will give a more formal Licentiate-seminar on the same topic on June 9.