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After being sited in Alstersälven for 14 days, the migration trap is still awaiting its first catch. The only thing caught so far, is leeches! However, we should be patient, as perhaps the first catch is just around the corner. Who knows..

After heavy rainfall on Monday night, the water level in Alstersälven rose an incredible 30cm. The knock on effect of the forceful water, and wooden debris  have pounded the trap which is currently ‘riding out the storm’. Certainly not favourable conditions for trapping as you can see from the comparisons of figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1: Optimal and typical water level in the summer months in Alster.

Figure 2: Indicating the concerning increase in water volume and velocity around the trapping site.

Hopefully the water level will quickly subside to enable a realistic chance of catching some eel elvers!


One thought on “Waiting game continues as migration trap is tested to its limits

  1. Olle says:

    Must be a robust construction you made!
    Well done!

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