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After the first capture was recently recorded of young eels in the traps in Ätran, a trap has also been constructed and placed into Alsterälven to try and assess if there is any upstream migration of juvenille eel ‘elvers’. Traps have not been placed before to research for the upstream migration in Alster so it will be exciting to discover, if, there is infact any migration via Vänern to the river.

Image 3 indicates the movements of water, and hopeful movements of elvers over the trap. The blue line shows the direction of syphoned upstream water down over the ‘eel matting’ to re-create a natural flow of water. The red lines show the potential movement of elvers up the slope, through the piping and into the collection bin.

The pink lines show true artistic talent of ‘life-like’ elvers crawling up ready for the drop into the collection bin.

The first night revealed no hidden jewels so maybe it a waiting game like waiting for Santa to arrive..


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One thought on “Nya byggd ål fälla anländer i Alsterälven!

  1. Jonas says:

    Den såg ju riktigt trevlig ut, ska bli kul att se om den fångar nått….//Jonas

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