On 13 September, Aafke Schipper will be giving a seminar with the title Biodiversity modelling for policy support to our department. Her work centers on the development and application of large-scale biodiversity assessment models to understand past and future effects of anthropogenic activity on biodiversity globally, and she works on a wide range of taxa to do so.

Aafke Schippers

As an assistant professor at Radboud University and researcher at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Aafke also informs policymakers on both the national and international level. Read about some of her current and future work on https://www.globio.info/ and https://www.ru.nl/en/research/research-news/vidi-grants-for-research-into-freshwater-fish-geometry-our-sense-of-smell-and-more, and join us for the first autumn seminar on Tuesday 12 September at 13:15 CEST via https://kau-se.zoom.us/my/kaubiology!