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The first day of Oikos 2012 was busy and interesting with talks about land-locked salmon in Lake Vänern, environmental warming, catch-and-release of pike and zander. After lunch we were sad to announce that Stefan Bleckert (Vice President of Nature Conservation, Sveaskog) had to cancel. To our excitement the other key-note speakers made great presentations and all contributed to an interesting debate about GMO, policies, views on how ecologists should spread their results and much more. Many thanks to all speakers, and an extra salute for the panel-debaters:

Linnea disputerar den 24 februari kl 10.15 i sal 9C 204 (obs inte kl 13.15). Spikningen blir den 3 februari kl 13. Hennes avhandling heter “Behaviour and metabolic rates of brown trout and Atlantic salmon: influence of food, environment and social interactions”.

Larry Greenberg, Professor